Jet Lag PT 3

The third part of having jet lag is not being able to sleep at night, and likewise not being able to get up in the morning. For ambitious travelers, I’d recommend not booking early morning trains or planes while in Europe. Booking a 7am train is the equivalent of booking a 1am train. It’s just going to end in disaster. And if you do miss your train, don’t expect sympathy.

It’s much cheaper to book your trains ahead of time, but another option is to get a eurorail pass giving you the option of jumping on and off any train. To get a eurorail pass, go to the website and purchase a pass. If there are specific trains (like overnight trains) you want to take you’ll end up paying extra to reserve them. But the flip, if you miss your reservation, just jump on the next train. I think either way the train companies are trying to take advantage of Americans and other travelers.

And seriously, don’t book early in the morning. It’s a costly mistake!

A view from the london to paris eurorail.


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